Write The City - Presentation of the book written by foreigners living in Warsaw

How to find your own voice and make it be heard when around they speak completely different? This project gave foreigners the tools to print their voices on paper, help them know from inside to the city they now live in and help them make it their own.It was them who wrote the city.

Now it is time to present the result of their hard work: The city viewed from the eyes of foreigners and written in their words. They will read the poems and short stories, as well as discuss the city that inspired them - Warsaw.

Language of the book: Author's native language and/or English. Language of the presentation: ENGLISH

About the project: This project came up as an answer to a need; to give voice to those who could not make their voices heard and their words read due to their languages. We created it as an attempt to allow the world see how Warsaw tastes in another tongue. Because no matter what language we write on, Warsaw has already impregnated them with its argot, seasoning their writing. We aim to put in this pages the cornerstone for a new generation of artist who will always carry a certain “polskość” in their work, for they have lived and loved this city.

Together with experienced trainers, a group of participants discovered Warsaw during workshops and inspirational walks.

The project “Write The City” has been funded by and implemented within the framework of MitOst e.V.

29 lipca 2016