Chatterbox Sessions #6 by Need a Native

We are inviting you to come out and meet fellow language learners. You'll chat with people just like you, ones who want to sharpen their skills and prepare for new adventures that lie ahead. Our aim is to help you accomplish your goals and have fun while practicing. Also, if you have a specific challenge in your learning process and feel stuck, come to us. We will help you solve that problem! Let us know if you need help finding the right teacher.

This months theme is "Developing Habits." Since good habits are hard, lets exchange strategies and give each other encouragement.

Note to native speakers planning on joining. You are welcome to attend and recruit new students. Just come and say hi to Rob Obreczarek at the beginning of the event.

This event is FREE to join. We just ask that you try out our hosts tasty treats ;)

28 maja 2016